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Starbucks Frappuccino
Variety Pack (Mocha/Caramel/Coffee)
Starbucks Frappuccino

Save $3.00!
12/ 9.5oz Bottles

100% Colombian
Superior Benchmark
Latouraine Regular
Starbucks House Blend
Superior Cafe Royale
Latouraine Hotel and Restaurant
Starbucks Cafe Verona
Superior Custom
Latouraine - Private Stock
Starbucks Sumatra
Superior French Roast
Maxwell House Regular
Starbucks Breakfast Blend
Superior World's Finest (Filter Pack)
Maxwell House Master Blend
Starbucks French Roast
Superior Northwest Dark Blend
Maxwell House Special Delivery
Cadillac Regular - Mild, Medium or Dark Roast
Millstone Breakfast Blend
Folgers Regular
Metropolitan French Roast
Millstone Cafe Midnight
Folgers Filter Pack Regular
Metropolitan Breakfast Blend
Millstone Foglifter
Folgers Gourmet Supreme
Caribou Blend
Royal York Regular
Hills Brothers Regular
100% Colombian Decaf - Superior
Cadillac Decaf
Maxwell House Special Delivery Decaf
Starbucks Decaf House Blend
Cadillac Swiss Water Decaf
Folgers Decaf
Metropolitan French Roast Decaf
Royal York Decaf
Hills Brothers Decaf
Superior Sucaf Decaf
Latouraine Decaf
MJB Decaf
Superior World's Finest Decaf Filter Pack
Maxwell House Decaf
Doublenut Fudge
Bavarian Chocolate Decaf
Bavarian Chocolate
Emerald Creme
Chocolate Raspberry Decaf
Cafe Angelica
English Toffee
Emerald Creme Decaf
Chocolate Raspberry
French Roast
Hazelnut Creme Decaf
Mocha Java
French Roast Decaf
Cinnamon Pecan
Royal Kona
Sander's Hot Fudge
Sinfully Nutty
Swiss Chocolate Almond
Vanilla Creme
Vanilla Hazelnut
Viennese Blend
Large Filters
Small Filters
Stir Stix
Fresh Roasted Regular Beans
Regular Urn Coffee
Folgers Singles Regular
Fresh Roasted Decaf Beans
Sucaf Decaf Urn Coffee
Maxwell House Singles Decaf
Fresh Roasted French Roast Beans
Maxwell House Singles Regular
Folgers Singles Decaf
Sanka Decaf Singles
Original - 24ct.
Original - 6/2lb.
Hazelnut - 6/2lb.
French Vanilla - 24ct.
French Vanilla - 6/2lb.
English Toffee - 6/2lb.

Liquid Coffeemate Cream Case

Coffeemate Canisters
French Vanilla Coffeemate Canister
French Vanilla Liquid Coffeemate
Coffeemate Lite Canisters
Irish Creme Coffeemate Canister
Irish Creme Liquid Coffeemate
Coffeemate Canister 35oz.
Hazelnut Coffeemate Canister
Hazelnut Liquid Coffeemate
Coffemate Packets 50ct. Box
Mocha Almond Coffeemate Canister
Amaretto Liquid Coffeemate
Coffeemate Packets 900pkts.
Land o' Lakes Liquid Cream - Reg.Flavor
Domino's Sugar Canister
Domino's Sugar 100 pkts
Sweet + Low 100ct.
Domino's Sugar 1lb. Box
Domino's Sugar 2000pkts. Case
Sweet + Low 1000ct. Box
Domino's Sugar 2lb. Box
Domino's Sugar Dots 1lb. Box
Sweet + Low 3000ct. Case
Domino's Sugar 5lb. Bag
Equal 50pkts.
Splenda 50 pkts.
Domino's Sugar 25lb. Bag
Equal 700ct. Box
Splenda   700ct. Case
Equal 2000ct. Case
Land o' Lakes Chocolate Supreme
Land o' Lakes Black Cherry
Nestle Hot Chocolate 50ct.
Land o' Lakes Chocolate Mint
Land o' Lakes French Vanilla
Nestle Sugar Free Hot Choc. 24/ct
Land o' Lakes Chocolate Raspberry
Land o' Lakes Hazelnut
Swiss Miss Hot Chcolate 50ct. Box
Land o' Lakes Chocolate Amaretto
Land o' Lakes Caramel
Swiss Miss Sugar Free Hot Choc.- 24pkts.
Land o' Lakes Chocolate Mocha
Land o' Lakes White Chocolate Almond

Swiss Miss Hot Choc. w/ Marshmallows

Land o' Lakes Chocolate Irish Creme
Land o' Lakes VARIETY PACK


Lipton Hot Tea 100ct. Box
Bigelow Strawberry

Celestial Seasoning Black Tea

Lipton Decaf Tea 72ct. Box
Bigelow Green Tea
Celestial Seasoning Tropical Fruit
Red Rose Hot Tea 100ct. Box
Bigelow Green Tea w/Lemon
Celestial Seasoning Black Currant
Red Rose Decaf Tea Box
Bigelow Green Tea w/ Peach
Celestial Seasoning Lemon Herbal
Superior Limited Edition Tea 100ct.
Bigelow Sinfully Cinnamon
Celestial Seasoning Peach Rosehips
Cadillac Darjeeling Tea
Bigelow Sweet Dreams

Celestial Seasonings Raspberry Herbal

Cadillac Darjeeling Tea Case
Bigelow Fruit & Berries
Celestial Seasonings Chamomile Herbal
Bigelow Apple & Cinnamon
Bigelow Perfect Peach
Celestial Seasonings Peppermint Herbal
Bigelow English Teatime
Bigelow Lemon Life Decaf
Celestial Seasonings Apple Cinnamon Herbal
Bigelow Earl Grey
Bigelow Plantation Mint Decaf
Celestial Seasonings Orange Chamomile Herbal
Bigelow Black Currant
Bigelow Cinnamon Stick Decaf
Celestial Seasonings English Blend Decaf
Bigelow Cranberry Apple
Bigelow Constant Comment Decaf
Pickwick Green Tea
Bigelow Chinese Fortune
Bigelow English Teatime Decaf

Pickwick Black Tea

Bigelow Cinnamon Stick
Bigelow Cranberry Decaf
Pickwick Black Currant
Bigelow Constant Comment
Bigelow Raspberry Decaf
Pickwick Peach Rosehips
Bigelow Cozy Chamomile
Bigelow Green Tea Decaf
Pickwick Chamomile Herbal
Bigelow Darjeeling
Bigelow Herbal Variety
Pickwick Earl Grey
Bigelow English Breakfast
Celestial Seasoning Mandarin Orange Spice
Pickwick Tropical Fruit
Bigelow Fruit & Almond
Celestial Seasoning Cranberry Cove
Pickwick Lemon Herbal
Bigelow Purely Peppermint
Celestial Seasoning Sleepy Time
Pickwick Raspberry Herbal
Bigelow I Love Lemon
Celestial Seasoning Lemon Zinger
Pickwick Peppermint Herbal
Bigelow Orange & Spice
Celestial Seasoning Raspberry Zinger
Pickwick Apple Cinnamon Herbal
Bigelow Plantation Mint
Celestial Seasoning Green Tea
Pickwick Orange Chamomile Herbal
Bigelow Raspberry Royale
Celestial Seasoning Earl Grey
Pickwick English Blend Decaf
Swiss Miss Hot Cider
Lipton Hot Apple Cider
Lipton Glass-A-Tea
6 inch Paper Plates
6 inch Chinets Paper Plates
6 inch Plastic Plates
9 inch Paper Plates
9 inch Chinets Paper Plates
9 inch Plastic Plates
6 inch Dixie Heavy Duty Plates
10 inch Chinets Paper Plates
9 inch Styrofoam Plates
9 inch Dixie Heavy Duty Plates
Sectional Chinets Paper Plates
12oz. Paper Bowls
12oz. Plastic Bowls
6oz. Styrofoam Cups
5oz. Cold Paper Cups
6oz. Styrofoam Lids
8oz. Styrofoam Cups
12oz. Cold Paper Cups
8oz. Styrofoam Lids
10oz. Styrofoam Cups
16oz. Cold Paper Cups
10oz. Styrofoam Lids
12oz. Styrofoam Cups
12oz. Plastic Translucent Cups
12oz. Styrofoam Lids
16oz. Styrofoam Cups
16oz. Plastic Translucent Cups
16oz. Styrofoam Lids
20oz. Styrofoam Cups
16oz. Solo Plastic Cups
20oz. Styrofoam Lids
6oz. Hot/Cold Paper Cups
Insert Cups - 500 Box
8oz. Hot/Cold Paper Cups
Water Cone Cups
12oz. Hot/Cold Paper Cups
16oz. Hot/Cold Paper Cups
Beverage Napkins
  Heavy Duty Forks
  Heavy Duty Soup Spoons
Lunch Napkins
  Heavy Duty Forks - Bulk
  Heavy Duty Soup Spoons - Bulk
Dinner Napkins
  Heavy Duty Knives
  Clear Premium Heavy Spoons
Plastic Straws   Heavy Duty Knives - Bulk   Clear Premium Heavy Knives
Flexible Straws   Heavy Duty Spoons   Clear Premium Heavy Forks
      Heavy Duty Spoons - Bulk      
Paper Towel
Toilet Paper
Kleenex Facial Tissue
Bounty Paper Towel
Premium Toilet Paper
Puffs Facial Tissue
C-Fold Towels
Windex Spray Glass Cleaner
Clorox Cleanup
Purell Hand Sanitizer
Windex Refill
Soft Scrub
Jergen's Hand Lotion
Windex Multi-Surface Cleaner
Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Sun Light Dish Soap
Fantastic Spray Cleaner
Murphy's Oil
Jet Dry Soap - Jumbo
Fantastic Refill
Cascade Dishwasher Detergent - Jumbo
Endust Cleaner - Jumbo
Pledge Furniture Polish
Cascade Liquid Container - Jumbo
Computer Screen Cleaner
Lysol Spray Disinfectant
Soap Dispenser
"Clean That Pot" Decanter Cleaner
Lysol Liquid Disinfectant Bottle - Jumbo
Soap Dispenser Refill
Urn Packet Cleaner
Dawn Liquid Dishsoap
Soft Soap Antibacterial Pump
Sponges Scrubber
Comet Cleanser
Soft Soap Antibacterial Gallon Refill
Dishwand - Plastic
Handiwipes - 5 pack
Trash Liner Bags - 13 Gallon
Trash Liner Bags - 33 Gallon
Trash Liner Bags - 55 Gallon
Trash Liner Bags - 16-20 Gallon
Trash Liner Bags - 45 Gallon
Trash Liner Bags - 55 Gallon Heavy Duty
Trash Liner Bags - 30 Gallon
Lipton Chicken Noodle
Lipton Hearty Chicken Noodle
Salt and Pepper Shakers
Lipton Spring Vegetable
Lipton Hearty Vegetable
Ketchup Packets
Lipton Cream of Chicken
Marachan Chicken Noodle
Mustard Packets
Lipton Beef Noodle
Marachan Beef Noodle
Tylenol Extra Strength Jumbo Bottle
Lipton Tomato
Advil Jumbo Bottle
Nutra-Grain Bars   Quaker Granola Bar Variety      
Tropicana Orange Bottles
Bluebird Orange Juice Cans
Welch's Grape Juice
Tropicana Apple Bottles
Bluebird Apple Juice Cans
Welch's Cranberry Juice
Tropicana White Grapefruit Bottles
Bluebird Grapefruit Juice Cans
Snapple Lemon Tea
Tropicana Orange Strawberry Banana Bottles
Bluebird Grape Juice Cans
Snapple Peach Tea
Tropicana Orange Cranberry Bottles
Bluebird Pineapple-Orange Juice Cans
Snapple Raspberry Tea
Tropicana Fruit Punch Bottles
Bluebird Pineapple Juice Cans
Snapple Variety Tea
Tropicana Ruby Red Cocktail Bottles
Nantucket Orange Juice
Snapple Lemon Tea
Tropicana Orange Juice Cans
Nantucket Apple Juice
Snapple Diet Lemon Tea
Tropicana Apple Juice Cans
Nantucket Cranberry Juice
Snapple Diet Raspberry Tea
Tropicana Grapefruit Juice Cans
V-8 - 6oz. Cans
Snapple Diet Peach Tea
Tropicana Grape Juice Cans
V-8 Low Salt - 6oz. Cans
Snapple Diet CranRaspberry
Tropicana Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice Cans
Campbell's Tomato Juice - 6oz. Cans
Snapple Lemonade
Arizona Lemon Tea
V-8 - 12oz. Cans
Snapple Grapeade
Arizona Lemonade
Campbell's Tomato - 12oz. Cans
Snapple Fruit Punch
Arizona Raspberry Tea
V-8 - 12oz. Bottles
Snapple Mango Madness
Arizona Diet Tea
Campbell's Tomato - 12oz. Bottles
Snapple Strawberry Kiwi
Arizona Green Tea
V-8 Splash Variety - 12/16oz. Bottles
Snapple Cran Raspberry
Lipton Sweetened and Lemon Tea Bottles
Gatorade Regular Variety Pack
Snapple Fruit Juice Variety
Lipton Sweetened and NO Lemon Tea Bottles
Gatorade Fierce Variety Pack
Snapple Diet Lemonade
Lipton Plain Tea Bottles
Gatorade X-Factor Variety Pack
Lipton Peach Tea Bottles
Lipton Raspberry Tea Bottles
Lipton Green Tea Bottles
Lipton Diet Tea Bottles            
 Classic Coke
 7 Up
 Classic Coke Caffeine Free
 Diet Pepsi
 Diet 7 Up
 Diet Coke
 Pepsi Caffeine Free
 Diet Coke Caffeine Free
 Diet Pepsi Caffeine Free
 Cherry 7 Up
 Mountain Dew
 Diet Cherry 7 Up
 Diet Squirt
 Mountain Dew Code Red
 Country Time
 Ruby Red Squirt
 Diet Mountain Dew
 Sunny Delight
 Dr. Pepper
 Sierra Mist
 Welch's Grape
 Diet Dr. Pepper
 Diet Sierra Mist
A &W
 Cherry Coke
 Mandarin Orange Slice
 Diet A&W
 Diet Cherry Coke
 Hawaiian Punch
 Diet Vernors
 Diet Rite Raspberry
Diet Sprite
 Lipton Iced Tea
 Diet White Grape
Nestea Iced Tea
 Raspberry Lipton Tea
 Diet Rite Cola
Fanta Orange
 Orange Crush
 Canada Dry
 Grape Crush
 Diet Canada Dry
Diet Barq's
 Diet Mug
Vanilla Coke
 Wild Cherry Pepsi
Diet Vanilla Coke
 Pepsi Twist
Minute Maid Lemonade
Diet Pepsi Twist
Minute Maid Lemonade Lite
Minute Maid Fruit Punch
Pop Bags
Diet Coke w/ Lemon
Can Catcher
Diet Coke w/ Lime
Pickup Empties


Ice Mountain Jumbo Pack - 16.9oz.
Dasani - 24/24oz. Bottles
5 Gallon Water
Ice Mountain SportCaps 
Aquafina - 24/20oz. Bottles 
Ice Mountain Half Pints
Evian - 24/16.9 Bottles 
Fruit2O Variety Pack
Propel Water - Variety Pack 

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